The Pink Elephant of Comparison

“You’re a nobody. As a matter of fact your less than a nobody,” said the Pink Elephant staring me in my face as I started to write.

A battle of wits, words, wisdom, and wisecracks ensued.  And frankly I was in for the fight of my life.

You see, I am a writer.  I didn’t really know that until recently.  And when I finally started to accept it … accept that I am writer and I need to write … all hell broke lose with the committee in my head.

“What the hell would you have to say?”

“Who do you think you are … bringing your ideas out for the world to see, scrutinize, and suffer from?”

“Look … you’re too late … too old … and well, just pathetic.”

“OK, wait …” I said … “that last line was a little rough. And no matter what you think, I’m going to write.”

I could tell this conversation was going to get out of hand.  So I turned my head away from this Pink Elephant of Comparison … determined to write.  But it quickly grabbed me … shook me … and forced me to keep my eyes on it.  In simple terms … this monster wasn’t leaving.

And now I had a choice to make. Let it win and fall back into mediocrity .. or write.

I chose the latter.

Check back soon … there’s more to the story!